A pause for thought…

What if it was not about the ending, the goal, the achievements?
What if it was not even about the road, the journey?
What if it was just about the moment, the experience…
– about what we feel
– about what we give and receive
– about joy and laughter and tears
– about passion and emotion
– about generosity
– about kindness
– about faith
– about peace
– about love

Read this blog posting today. Loved the perspective it presented What if we put experience ahead of success? ->; “Does every story need a Moral? Is success always relative?”. Sharing. http://ifluence.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/does-every-story-need-a-moral-is-success-always-relative/ .

What if we made a bench mark only a place to pause, to think, to experience…

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