The world outside is big and bright,
Much to attract, many a sight.

The world outside tugs at me,
To see, to feel, to do, to be.

The world outside holds many a song,
To make my feet dance, all day long.

The world outside is fast and busy
Getting lost in it so very easy!

The world outside can wear me out
Now going forward, now turned about!

The world outside is happy, and sad
Now I like it… now so bad.

The world outside… not the full story by far,
Not all we can be, not all we are.

For a moment hold still, pause the dance,
A whole world inside, quietly, awaits my glance.




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2 Responses to Within

  1. Vish says:

    Beautiful, so true the story of the world outside never ends, it’s always in the beginning

  2. Sowmya says:

    Nice..in our busy busy lives we dont seem to have time to listen to what our instinct tells us

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