We can never purport to completely understand another’s circumstances, his reasons, what drives him, his dreams… not unless we have walked some of his path with him, stood on the island he is on, sat in the boat he is sitting in… and often times, not even then.

We can only make allowances for differences in perspective, in priorities, in views. They don’t have to match our own – they add more to us in their very difference.

The difficulty of course, is in making those very allowances… our own perspective tends to overlay itself so strongly on all we see :-)

We like the people who make room for our perspective, those who are able to accept and respect it.

And then there are those who understand our perspective, maybe even find a match with their own in some of it – the “me too!” moment… yes, our friends.

The truly blessed though – the wise – are those who are able to accept, learn from and assimilate many differing perspectives; and paint a common picture. They are able to craft a path that fits each of these perspectives – suits each, preserves the unique beauty of each perspective – and yet brings them together. They become the guides, the mentors… the leaders of men.

Perspective – what we are, is what we see…
what we see and how much we are willing to see, impacts all that we can be…
our choices, our experiences, all that our life holds.

Just perspective…


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1 Response to Perspectives

  1. MindMindful says:

    Well said, the differences in ‘matching’ perspectives or not. Great cartoon, says it all:)

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