Just SoMe fun

A golden morning, a river bright
Sparkling waters…lovely sight.
The day ahead…much to do
To see, to feel…share some with you.

A laugh, a talk, a silly fight
A pout, a sulk, brood a while,
A ping, a ding, a wicked nudge,
Countless chuckles… a constant smile.

Where’s my phone… say a hi,
We’ll talk some more, as the day goes by.
Oh what’s this? Whatsapp down?
What a day!… an angry frown.

Not to worry, there’s still Facebook
Let me quickly give that a look.
Old friends and new… a thought away,
All are now a part of my day.

It’s a working day… 15 long years its been!
Met so many people… some of that list on LinkedIn.
Connects and friends – so many views…
Some personal messages… some just news.

Messages of varied nature and size
140 characters – Twitter to be precise!
Friends again… and a few out-of-the-way
Amitabh’s tweets can add color to my day!

But my every thought is not quite so concise
I yearn for freedom from space and size.
My blog gives me those, and more beside
My mind connects with the world outside.

My interests not exhausted… there’s still more
Social media has many wonders in store.
Flickr, Google, Foursquare, Pinterest…
So many choices… whichever is the best?!

Which should I use… ignore which one?
Will I be missing some of the fun?
The list grows longer with each passing day,
A new one tomorrow will be coming our way.

Oh there are plenty to warn, to advice and caution
“Social media is a risky option!
Security and danger… you should beware
It’s a jungle out there… think before you share”.

All I can think of is the old adage
“We are all players and the world’s a stage”
We are standing apart and yet connected be,
6 degrees of separation between anybody and me.

And now I find that the degrees need not be six
I can reduce the number… the distances fix.
If life is about people and connections we make
Ignoring social media would be such a mistake!

“The world grows flatter”, says a friend
It is now connected end to end
Limits of distance and time quickly disappear
The time to be social is now and here…


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2 Responses to Just SoMe fun

  1. kalyan says:

    You have a new fan :-), I am checking your blog every day these days
    Your writing has inspired me to start writing again which I kind of left some years ago.
    One from me :)

    Main hu ek parinda, na ghar na koi basera
    Ek hi sawal,ek hi uljhan har safar mera
    sulaj na pau,meri udaan uttar ki disha har savera
    hai zindagi! kya hain teri pehchan,kahan hain kinara
    Main hu ek parinda,na ghar na koi basera

    zamin se falak talash thi ,Kuch salah tho kabhie kissi ka mashwara
    zamana ne kaha,rukh tho jao abhi awara
    Rukha to saas lene,pehchana mai bada bawra
    kati safar,bheethi waqt aur faasle ne samjhaya
    zindagi aur kuch nahin, sirf palo ki mala sunehra
    aur kuch nahin ,sirf palo ki mala sunehra
    Main hu ek parinda, na ghar na koi basera


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