“All that we are arises with our thoughts…”

There are so many writers, who say so many things, so much better than I can ever hope to. And yet something drives me to have my say too. Something drives me to play with the music of words to create my own melody. Something drives me to write without any further thinking about the why and what and wherefore.

I tried to design a theme for this blog. I really struggled with that…conjured up many intellectual sounding monikers; each felt more pretentious than the last. But wait, maybe funny is the way to go? So, I spent some more time thinking about witty names until it started feeling like forced laughter, like one of those bad movies with punch lines that make you cringe. And then it struck me…the Internet and social networking is all about the “cool” new words…maybe I could come up with one that shows what great insight I have. The end of that exercise came with the insight that I don’t have great insight ! All I have are my thoughts…

And thoughts don’t really stick to the boundaries of a theme. Thoughts are free and wild. Thoughts bound from plane to plane. Thoughts are a dozen a minute, and as roving in nature as our mind is. And maybe that is the beauty of them…they take us far beyond the realm of physical possibility, they take us from the most serious to the silliest of moods, they replay memories and paint dreams…thoughts are what connect us, and separate us.

I cannot even fully claim that these thoughts are just my own. Is there even a concept of just your own thoughts? Goethe wrote,”All wise thoughts have been thought already a thousand times, but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again”.

My thoughts have been thought by many others, come to me from everything I do and see and hear. Everything I read, stays in me – the ideas and imagination of a myriad writers from now and the past. Every conversation I have, becomes a part of me too – the outlook and opinion of so many friends and acquaintances. The people who advise and mentor me, add to my viewpoint and wisdom. The minds that interact with mine, converse with mine, intrigue and inspire me, even those that disappoint or disgust me…all form a part of my mind’s patterns of thought. My thoughts are just my mind playing with all the ideas I encounter, trying to create a coherent picture, adding a bit of me to the equation. My thoughts encompass the wisdom and beauty of all that I am lucky enough to encounter.

So that’s what this blog is – my thoughts of the moment captured on paper. And like thoughts, it will probably be random and roving; moody, cheerful, wondering; surprising one day and boring another, self absorbed at times and outward looking at others…I cannot promise a theme or a flavor. But I can promise honesty and openness in sharing thought.

Maybe you will find reflection of your thoughts in some of mine.

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