Just Be …

We are always so ready to fill our lives with activity…

We go from thing to thing, are proud to be able to multi task, are eager to be busy, to feel productive, to feel like we are going somewhere, to look forward to the next happening …what is the hurry? Why the urgent need to fill the “empty spaces”, the silences?

Surrendering to life’s need to stop sometimes, to flow at its own pace and direction, can be scary. But it is in those empty spaces that answers often lie, that the calm joy of simply being exists.

The empty spaces are revealing. The stillness allows the mind to roam free. It reveals what we think and how we feel. It forces us to observe and absorb… to pause, and to accept.

It helps us discover not only the world, but ourselves.

Until one day we turn around and see that the empty spaces were not quite so empty… the empty spaces were the steps forward :-)

– Madhuri


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1 Response to Just Be …

  1. Shashibhushan says:

    Good thoughts Madhuri! Very aptly said.

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