Just Be …

We are always so ready to fill our lives with activity…

We go from thing to thing, are proud to be able to multi task, are eager to be busy, to feel productive, to feel like we are going somewhere, to look forward to the next happening …what is the hurry? Why the urgent need to fill the “empty spaces”, the silences?

Surrendering to life’s need to stop sometimes, to flow at its own pace and direction, can be scary. But it is in those empty spaces that answers often lie, that the calm joy of simply being exists.

The empty spaces are revealing. The stillness allows the mind to roam free. It reveals what we think and how we feel. It forces us to observe and absorb… to pause, and to accept.

It helps us discover not only the world, but ourselves.

Until one day we turn around and see that the empty spaces were not quite so empty… the empty spaces were the steps forward :-)

– Madhuri


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Light and Shade 


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The world outside is big and bright,
Much to attract, many a sight.

The world outside tugs at me,
To see, to feel, to do, to be.

The world outside holds many a song,
To make my feet dance, all day long.

The world outside is fast and busy
Getting lost in it so very easy!

The world outside can wear me out
Now going forward, now turned about!

The world outside is happy, and sad
Now I like it… now so bad.

The world outside… not the full story by far,
Not all we can be, not all we are.

For a moment hold still, pause the dance,
A whole world inside, quietly, awaits my glance.




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this blank page…

If this blank page could capture all that I think staring at it…
wouldn’t that be sweet!

If this blank page could capture all that I think staring at it,
would I hit “save” or “delete” ?

If this blank page could capture all that I think staring at it,
would it a lovely note be?

If this blank page could capture all that I think staring at it,
would it be the writer, or me?

If this blank page could capture all that I think staring at it,
would that be something I’d show you?

If this blank page could capture all that I think staring at it…
would I even sit here thinking all I do?!!

– Madhuri



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Dusk… and this painted sky,
Streaked with the colors
Of the day gone by.

A lonely eve, a drifting mind,
Some of the shades
In me I find.

Colors, tints… so many hues
Gilded in gold,
Tinged with the blues

Dusk, and my heart… fiery as the sky,
Awash with the colors
Of days gone by.

Now melting seamless into starry light,
The quiet calmness
Of the night.

– Madhuri

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It happens by choice…

Absolutely no way I could have said this better… Just beautiful!!


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Every passion its due…

“Thoughts on paper”, I said and believed that writing is all I would do. But words are not the only expression that thoughts find after all… We discover a voice in so many ways; creative outlet in many modes; surprising new passions.

My latest – still on paper, just needing far fewer words! Still a writer, just a tad more illustrated :)

Still having fun…






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Everything within reason… and a reason for everything?

A friend asked me today why I looked so happy. I find the question very intriguing…

How did we come to a state where we feel the need to ask “why” if somebody is happy?

Shouldn’t happiness just be the natural state of being?

If nothing is wrong… nothing out-of-place… what stops us from being happy on any day? Such magic fills our life. It is everywhere.

In the brightness of a sunny day, painted into the glory of a sunset sky that catches you by surprise when you walk out at the end of a long day at work, in the train that you are just in time for when you were in a rush.

In friends who love us for who we are, and sometimes in spite of who we are. In the fantastic people who people our lives, form our families and fill our being with joy.

In the surprise call from a person you have been thinking about, in the chance meetings that can change the course of your life, in that unexpected windfall just when you needed it, in the joke in your inbox when you are hassled at work, in the smile of a passerby on a grey day.

In every morning’s waking. In days that go well, and even those that don’t go so well but we find the strength to live through.  In the faith living strong in our heart. In the beliefs which drive us. In dreams which come true— one by one by one…

In the flight of a bird that catches our eye. In the inexplicable kindness of strangers. In sudden irrepressible laughter. In unbidden joy. In grace. And in the blessings we don’t even count.

Everywhere…in everything.

And yet we need reason to be happy! Shouldn’t we require reason instead for being unhappy?

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Hearts afire

Minds shape and implement possibilities,
hearts push the very boundaries of possibility.

Minds may be bought over,
hearts can only be won.

Minds are logical and sane,
hearts are free and wild.

Minds will mind the fire,
hearts light it!


        “…the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful…” ~Pam Brown

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Yun hi chalte

kuch baatein, kuch hansi
kabhi gam, kabhi khushi

kuch dard, kuch rahat
thode shikwe, thodi chahat

kuch sukoon, kuch intezaar
kahin jeet, toh kahin haar

kuch pyar, kuch dosti
thodi umang, thodi masti

kuch kisse, kuch yaadein
kayee sapne, kayee vaadein

kuch saansein, kuch dhadkan
ye dil… aur ye mann

kuch der, kuch dur
yun hi chalte…

– Madhuri

“The journey is the reward” – Chinese Proverb

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