Moody Spring

A dancing balloon
On an upward swing.
A shred of paper
Has taken wing.

A restless river,
A choppy wave.
The wind whistles
On high octave.

Sun and clouds
In hide and seek.
A raindrop splashes,
As we speak.

Polka dots…
On the sidewalk form,
Quick take cover
A springtime storm!


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Aaj subah khidki ke paas
Main khaddi sochoon yahi…
Ye din kaisa hoga?
Kya karoongi main…

Kin se mulaqat hogi,
Kya kya baatein hogi,
Kuch khaas hoga kya?
Aaj akhir hoga kya?

Kuch kisse achche honge,
Hansi toh zaroor hogi
Ye din kaisa hoga?
Kya kya isme hoga?

Aaj subah khidki ke paas
Main yahi sochti rahi…

Din ka kuch aise hi gaya!
Aaj subah khidki ke paas



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Bas yun hi

Har daud kissi muqaam ke taraf nahin hoti
Har mod ke saath zindagi nahin mudti.
Daud ki wajah aksar sirf daud hi hai,
Mod aayi, mud gaye; yun hi, masti mein.

Har yaad ki koi kahaani nahin hai,
Har dhadkan, dil ki awaaz nahin hai.
Yaad kabhi ek kashish, ek muskurahat hai,
Dil ki dhadkaan bas jeevan ki pehchaan hai.



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Tired feet,
Hurt ego
Far to walk,
So far to go

Weary heart,
Another mile?
An ache in me…
Let’s pause a while.

Voices warm
in my ear –
“Just keep moving,
The win is near.”


Oh what now?
Another miss?
Many who think
I cannot do this.

Many to talk,
Many opine.
A slow down ahead…
A surprise STOP sign.

The voices still,
Holding sway –
“You are fine,
All okay”.


I am walking,
Yet believing.
Things they shift,
They change… ever moving.

– Madhuri


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What matters

So many people…so many interactions…so much talk…so much to experience…

And yet, at the end of it all, what matters – who matters,  is only that which we let matter. What we allow to matter to us, matters so much in all we are able to be…all we let ourselves be.

We make the choice, we color our lives. There are no circumstances – only choices.

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Sweet Valentine

Daze… a haze… a rosy phase;
Bubbles… rainbows… skies ablaze.
A hop… a skip… a heady dance,
A twirl… a dip… take a chance?

A missing beat… summer’s heat;
Eyes that flirt… hearts that meet.
A stolen glance… silent exchange,
A pause… a look… two lives change.

Your lips are quiet… no words you speak,
Why not ask for what you seek?
She is here… don’t delay;
Moments… chances… slip away.

It’s the date… the time… play your part,
Don’t sit tight… speak your heart.
Come on now… turn the page,
Take that bow… get onstage!

Do a hop… a skip… a heady dance,
A twirl… a dip… now, take a chance.
All you thought… you hoped… you vowed…
Speak up… speak out… say aloud –
“I love you… how I love you! Oh, will you be mine?
Forever and ever… Sweet Valentine.”


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Much ado…

“Clear your mind, Let it out.”
Things get heavier when you carry them about.

If you are a writer, free the words in your heart
If an artist you be, seek solace in art.
Music your muse? Play a symphony,
Sing out loud, your special harmony.
None of the above quite your thing?
Just speak it out, let thought take wing.


Well, I am a writer and here I sit,
Pen in my hand, tapping feet.
The words in my heart, dance a merry caper,
Some stop at pen tip, some find their way to paper.
But the ones that I seek, that deepest be,
They don’t come forth, keep eluding me.

I close my eyes, and they fill my mind
Lose myself in them, yet no expression find.
At the tip of my tongue, images in my eye
I struggle to write, time goes by.

“Clear your mind. Let it out”
Oh pray how? My silent shout !


I found a friend, to wise counsel seek
What could not be wrote, may be easier to speak.
He heard every word – the ones I said,
Those silent in my eyes, and clamoring in my head.
Helped me find, and keep the best
Just let go, blow away the rest.

“Clear your mind. Let it out”
What was all the ado about?

– Madhuri

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Present “Perfect” Tense

Why is the grass so green, on the other side of the fence?
The happiness we strive for, always in future tense.

Why do we prize attention from those who pay little heed?
Neglecting they who look to us, with the selfsame need

Why this nostalgia over times and things now past?
Ignoring the golden present, that but a moment does last.

Why the fascination in reaching for the stars?
Planning for days, dreaming for hours

Why restless aspiration? Why soaring ambition?
This need for speed, for quick satisfaction.

Why this impatience? Ever searching eyes,
Quick beating heart, wistful sighs.

Why the rush? Note the days flit by,
It’ll be time for farewell, in the blink of an eye.

Why not pause an instant? Give in to fun
Enjoy the day’s passing, this golden sun.

Why do you hurry? Come sit a while,
Create a memory, share a smile.

Why should the grass be green on the other side of the fence?
The happiness we strive for, always in future tense…

– Madhuri

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The best laid lists

“What words do you live your life by?”, a wise man wrote.
I liked the question,
And the thoughts it brought.

I sat me down, made a list,
Pretty long note,
Here’s the gist…

Truth and courage and honesty,
A steadfast heart, and loyalty.
Smiles for the day, laughter along the way,
Generosity and love, come what may.

I made my list, and weighed myself
Measured up well (of course),
Very happy to tell!

I wish I had stopped, while I was still ahead,
It was just a list,
All things said.

But oh no! I am a fool
I made the list,
My golden rule.

All went well, until the day
A friend and his list,
Came along the way.

“What’s that word you just said?
Let me check my list,
Before we move ahead.

Hey! I like you, but guess what buddy,
You are all mixed up,
Your values muddy.”


We had much to share,
Much we could learn;
Days of laughter,
Years of fun.

We didn’t see that,
We just moved on…
A list mismatch,
And a friendship gone.

If love is what we seek,
And love we get
Can’t we see beyond lists,
Golden rules forget?

For you are you,
And I am I.
Heart bonds to heart,
Not eye to eye

– Madhuri

“Perspectives differ. We don’t have to.”

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Every milestone counts… if we make it count

My first book… awesome feeling to hold the printed copy. Read “printed”, not published. Still some ways to get there… one day! This one is limited circulation :-)

Each journey has to have a start… looking ahead to the rest of the journey… with excitement, and faith.

Life is good!

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