Reflecting on Reflection

It was the evening of a very rainy day. Heavy clouds, left behind from the day’s rains, clustered around the Empire State building, glowed with and reflected the light from it onto the river below — water and sky resplendent in an ethereal milky white light.

All from the absorbed and reflected glory of a single brightly lit building.


I had been in team sessions all week and had been reflecting about the fabric of a team.

Teams cluster around “well lit” up leaders too, don’t they? The culture and behaviors they exhibit, the absorbed and reflected glow of the light from the leader.

The beauty of the picture all about the light…

The hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by – Felix Adler

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Har pal, har din
Har saans, har ek palchin.

Har nazar kuch besabar,
Har baat se kuch bekhabar.

Har waqt mann pe sawaar,
Ek khumaar, ek intezaar.

Ek lehar, ek taal,
Madhmast ye chaal.

Ek kashish, ek aahat,
Ek junoon, ek chaahat.

Har pal, har din
Har saans, har ek palchin.

– Madhuri


“Hopes are the dreams of a soul awake”- French Proverb

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One person’s journey…

He steps up to the speaker’s stand, looks out at the crowd…
There – some friends cheering hard; there – family beaming proud,
There – a kindly smile; there – an envious stare…
Closes eyes, stills his heart; under his breath, a silent prayer.
Sounds from now fade away; sights for the moment unseen
Mind winging back – over the years, the journey that has been.

Days of struggle… late into the night
Lists, plans, tasks… a lonely circle of light.
The goal afar, the path so long
Would he get there, would he go wrong?

His mother’s bangles on a jeweler’s counter
Money… sentiment… a moment’s falter.
So much given for each step won,
Some remembered, some forcefully forgotten.

The things he did, the people he met,
The days he laughed and the moments he wept.
Memories of joy, and some of deepest despair,
He had lived through both with a defiant flair.

Now here he was, things turned about
“I did it! I did it!”, his mind cries out.
His heart still full… memories tug
He shakes them off, with a cheerful shrug.
It is time to celebrate all that has been,
Look forward to new paths… dreams yet unseen.

– Madhuri


“There are thousands of lives in one single life.”- Prajnanapada

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We can never purport to completely understand another’s circumstances, his reasons, what drives him, his dreams… not unless we have walked some of his path with him, stood on the island he is on, sat in the boat he is sitting in… and often times, not even then.

We can only make allowances for differences in perspective, in priorities, in views. They don’t have to match our own – they add more to us in their very difference.

The difficulty of course, is in making those very allowances… our own perspective tends to overlay itself so strongly on all we see :-)

We like the people who make room for our perspective, those who are able to accept and respect it.

And then there are those who understand our perspective, maybe even find a match with their own in some of it – the “me too!” moment… yes, our friends.

The truly blessed though – the wise – are those who are able to accept, learn from and assimilate many differing perspectives; and paint a common picture. They are able to craft a path that fits each of these perspectives – suits each, preserves the unique beauty of each perspective – and yet brings them together. They become the guides, the mentors… the leaders of men.

Perspective – what we are, is what we see…
what we see and how much we are willing to see, impacts all that we can be…
our choices, our experiences, all that our life holds.

Just perspective…


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A pause for thought…

What if it was not about the ending, the goal, the achievements?
What if it was not even about the road, the journey?
What if it was just about the moment, the experience…
– about what we feel
– about what we give and receive
– about joy and laughter and tears
– about passion and emotion
– about generosity
– about kindness
– about faith
– about peace
– about love

Read this blog posting today. Loved the perspective it presented What if we put experience ahead of success? ->; “Does every story need a Moral? Is success always relative?”. Sharing. .

What if we made a bench mark only a place to pause, to think, to experience…

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Just SoMe fun

A golden morning, a river bright
Sparkling waters…lovely sight.
The day ahead…much to do
To see, to feel…share some with you.

A laugh, a talk, a silly fight
A pout, a sulk, brood a while,
A ping, a ding, a wicked nudge,
Countless chuckles… a constant smile.

Where’s my phone… say a hi,
We’ll talk some more, as the day goes by.
Oh what’s this? Whatsapp down?
What a day!… an angry frown.

Not to worry, there’s still Facebook
Let me quickly give that a look.
Old friends and new… a thought away,
All are now a part of my day.

It’s a working day… 15 long years its been!
Met so many people… some of that list on LinkedIn.
Connects and friends – so many views…
Some personal messages… some just news.

Messages of varied nature and size
140 characters – Twitter to be precise!
Friends again… and a few out-of-the-way
Amitabh’s tweets can add color to my day!

But my every thought is not quite so concise
I yearn for freedom from space and size.
My blog gives me those, and more beside
My mind connects with the world outside.

My interests not exhausted… there’s still more
Social media has many wonders in store.
Flickr, Google, Foursquare, Pinterest…
So many choices… whichever is the best?!

Which should I use… ignore which one?
Will I be missing some of the fun?
The list grows longer with each passing day,
A new one tomorrow will be coming our way.

Oh there are plenty to warn, to advice and caution
“Social media is a risky option!
Security and danger… you should beware
It’s a jungle out there… think before you share”.

All I can think of is the old adage
“We are all players and the world’s a stage”
We are standing apart and yet connected be,
6 degrees of separation between anybody and me.

And now I find that the degrees need not be six
I can reduce the number… the distances fix.
If life is about people and connections we make
Ignoring social media would be such a mistake!

“The world grows flatter”, says a friend
It is now connected end to end
Limits of distance and time quickly disappear
The time to be social is now and here…


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Moody Spring

A dancing balloon
On an upward swing.
A shred of paper
Has taken wing.

A restless river,
A choppy wave.
The wind whistles
On high octave.

Sun and clouds
In hide and seek.
A raindrop splashes,
As we speak.

Polka dots…
On the sidewalk form,
Quick take cover
A springtime storm!


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