Much ado…

“Clear your mind, Let it out.”
Things get heavier when you carry them about.

If you are a writer, free the words in your heart
If an artist you be, seek solace in art.
Music your muse? Play a symphony,
Sing out loud, your special harmony.
None of the above quite your thing?
Just speak it out, let thought take wing.


Well, I am a writer and here I sit,
Pen in my hand, tapping feet.
The words in my heart, dance a merry caper,
Some stop at pen tip, some find their way to paper.
But the ones that I seek, that deepest be,
They don’t come forth, keep eluding me.

I close my eyes, and they fill my mind
Lose myself in them, yet no expression find.
At the tip of my tongue, images in my eye
I struggle to write, time goes by.

“Clear your mind. Let it out”
Oh pray how? My silent shout !


I found a friend, to wise counsel seek
What could not be wrote, may be easier to speak.
He heard every word – the ones I said,
Those silent in my eyes, and clamoring in my head.
Helped me find, and keep the best
Just let go, blow away the rest.

“Clear your mind. Let it out”
What was all the ado about?

– Madhuri

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