In the rearview mirror…

It is strange don’t you think – God seems to have physically designed us to move forward, not look back.

Our eyes face forward, our head doesn’t turn fully around, our legs and feet are hinged to move ahead – we cannot really look back, walk or run backwards without turning our back on what lies ahead. At best we can take a quick look over our shoulders, take a few unbalanced steps backwards.

And yet old times tug at our thoughts from behind. Peripheral vision gives us tantalizing glimpses of what lies at our back, just beyond our sight. Our heart yearns to pause a while, to stay with times that were happy, to hold on to a part of the past that we loved and do not want to walk away from.

The future beckons with promise. Even as the past tugs at emotion and resolution.

Life is such an irony…


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1 Response to In the rearview mirror…

  1. Cold Trickle says:

    Life is not an irony Madhuri. Our minds can grasp the past much better than the future, so that we can physically move forward in our lives, leaning on and learning from the past – with the body that has been designed to move forward.

    It is GOD’s way of making sure we have a balance.

    Cold Trickle

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