Just moments… all we have… all we need

It’s amazing don’t you think, how our happiness is actually just moments of joy – fleeting, simple and generally inexplicable?

We place so much of our hopes on the big things we aim for – money, success, power… a house, a fancy car, jewelry…but happiness surprises us. It catches us unawares.

It comes with somebody’s smile. A warm hug. A sunset – a river! A favorite song. The smell of a book. The feel of a snowflake. The wind ruffling your hair. Slipping into an old pair of jeans which somehow fit again! Someone else’s joy. A message – the thought of a friend close at reach. Laughter. The euphoria of victory. A chance remark. A gesture. Some affection. A moment of connect.

Happiness is simple. As we wait for the events, it catches us in the moments. As we listen for the fanfare, it tiptoes by and leaves a lingering song in our heart. As we try to understand and plan how to be happy, it just happens.

Happiness is simple. Why do we find it so difficult to create for others? Why do we need elaborate plans in personal life? Complex policies in the workplace? As in most things, we tend to need plans, process and policies to make us comfortable, to make us feel that we have made happiness predictable.

Happiness is simple.

If we let it.

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4 Responses to Just moments… all we have… all we need

  1. Daljeet Singh Dhanjal says:

    Life is sweet and one can be happy always it is just ATTITUDE, which makes it happen.

  2. Amrit says:

    This post came after a long time!!

    As you rightly said…happiness is simple but we make it complicated. Over the period of time…the way we measure happiness is changing. If we have more money…more power…people think we are happier than them. Funny it is.

    A good read!! I enjoyed it :)

  3. Alpana says:

    Hi Madhuri, good to find the thought here, nicely put I liked it
    Unfortunately we are more often fond of attaching out happiness to status and status to material and something more always…
    Living in the moment and feeling it just brings the calmness and joy many a times.
    Keep writing

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