“That’s what friends are for” the song goes…

But what are friends really for? There is no specific reason or need is there? Nothing really holds it together – no social bond, no formal binding, no business or financial benefit, no dependence, no need – not blood nor background, not gain nor risk…nothing.

And yet what should be the most fragile, impermanent interaction can become one of the strongest, inexplicably enduring bonds we have. A bond that encompasses trust, engenders warmth and security, cements connect. A bond that is one of our biggest blessings.

There is nothing that holds friendship together. Nothing but you…

So, yes – friends are for the good times and bad times. For smiling in being together, and apart. For memories, for affection, for laughter. For talking and listening and caring. For counting on..for all those things.

But most importantly, For You, because of You…no other reason than You. That’s what friends are for.

A validation, a joyous feeling of being unique and special, just in who you are.

Happy Friendship Day


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